Coppley Services

Custom Clothing

At Coppley we practice a unique blend of old world tailoring and state-of-the-art computer assisted cutting. The development and use of new methods and modern technology have allowed us to produce high quality single garments with a personalized fit.

Coppley's merchandisers are dedicated to searching the world for the most fashionable and desirable fabrics. We work with leading mills such as Guabello, Barberis, Loro Piana and Reda, to name just a few, enabling us to achieve design and quality goods that are at times exclusive to Coppley for North America.

The result of our efforts is an impeccably tailored garment - one that reflects current fashion, individual tastes and personal needs. Our years of experience and advanced technologies are dedicated in building this degree of quality, craftsmanship and satisfaction in every Coppley garment.

Through fine menswear stores across North America consumers can take advantage of two Coppley services: Accumeasure, Coppley's quick service is for those who require a more customized fit than you can get with ready to wear clothing and Full Made to Measure, which allows for complex measurement changes and fit details. Combine personalized fit and great design with a selection of over 400 of the finest fabrics and the end result is a unique garment.

Coppley's Instock & Seasonal Fabric Service

Through this service retailers can order from an impressive collection of suits, sport coats and trousers ranging from basic black to seasonal fashion for those occasions when sizes may not be hanging in the store. Whether it is a formal event, business meeting or a more casual event Coppley's instock assortment will have something appropriate.

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