About Coppley

The History of Coppley : The Beginnings

About Coppley : The Beginnings : The New Age

John Young, a successful dry goods merchant, and an early promoter of the local cotton industry constructed Coppleys home in Hamilton Ontario in 1856. The property, then known as the Commercial Block, is the finest surviving pre-confederation stone building of provincial importance. In 1883, the company began on this site when G.C. Coppley, E. Finch Noyes, and James Randall purchased John Calder & Co.

In 1950, at the age of fifty, Mr. Max Enkin purchased Coppley Noyes & Randall Ltd. Mr. Enkin, notable for his work to integrate thousands of refugees into Canada after World War II, was a highly distinguished gentleman who was bestowed with many honours during his lifetime including the prestigious Order of the British Empire and Order of Canada in 1983.

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